A Supplemental Security Income Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA Can Improve the Odds of Acceptance

The federal Social Security system is an important source of support for many millions of retired and disabled Americans. The payments made by Social Security are funded, by law, through payroll taxes that are submitted by most workers and employers.

Qualifying for most benefits available under the Social Security system requires that an individual makes such payments for a certain number of quarters. There is another Social Security program. However, that is open even to those who have not accumulated enough work history to meet this standard. Working with a Supplemental Security Income Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA can reveal and open up options that might not otherwise be available.

Supplemental Security is Meant for Those Who Need It the Most

No one ever wants to become disabled, but nearly 400,000 Americans do exactly that in the average year. In many cases, these individuals and those who depend upon them will be entitled to payments under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) system.

Qualifying for SSDI is difficult, and there some worthy seeming applications do end up being denied. In some cases, however, even a person who has become profoundly disabled will simply lack the work history needed to even establish a minimal level of qualification.

Fortunately, a different type of financial support is available in many such cases. The Supplemental Security Income program is designed to provide support to needy disabled and older Americans, regardless of whether they qualify for SSDI. Whereas SSDI is by design analogous to traditional, private disability insurance, the Supplemental Security Income program is meant to be available to all who most need its support.

Attorneys Can Help with Denials and More

Naturally enough, Supplemental Security Income can be even more difficult than SSDI support to qualify for. Whereas simply establishing the presence of a serious disability will often be enough in the case of SSDI, those hoping for support under the Supplemental Security Income system will normally have to prove and document significant financial need, as well.

Working with a Supplemental Security Income Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA will normally be the best way to improve the odds of succeeding. Contact us, and it will become clear that this is an accessible option that frequently makes the possible sense.