The Importance of a Divorce Lawyer

Anyone who has been through a divorce or is currently going through divorce proceedings knows the amount of emotional and physical strain that such a process can impose. Choosing the right divorce lawyer in Florida can be critical to achieving the best possible outcome for a client. There can be many issues that need to be resolved in a divorce proceeding and an experienced Florida divorce attorney can help with issues that often include custody and visitation rights, child support, alimony, the division of marital assets, and entitlement to benefits.

With that being said, it is often vital in Florida, or in any other state for that matter, for an attorney to be knowledgeable about the divorce process, know successful strategies, and effective negotiation tactics in order to achieve the most desirable outcome for their clients. Another important reason to have a lawyer is the vast amount of paperwork that is necessary to adequately be prepared for potential litigation. Divorce attorneys have the necessary experience drafting documents such as the complaint, answer, and counter-claims, a discovery request, and other various motions necessary to protect a party’s interest while going through divorce proceedings.

Divorce cases that call for the dissolution of a marriage and division of property can become highly complex quickly, especially in Florida. For this reason, people who retain a divorce lawyer early on, often obtain a much more favorable outcome. In addition, there can often be unexpected complications which in turn can be handled in a timely fashion, as well as reduce worry and concern for the client. Instead of the client, who is likely already in a stressful and emotional state, worrying about complex issues, they can entrust their attorney to handle any situation that may arise.

Lastly, divorce orders already entered are more difficult to get changed or modified if the legal work is done incorrectly initially. It is wiser to get things done correctly the first time around; this will save you time and your hard-earned money which can often times be expended when attempting to correct a mistakes after the fact. Another problem can be a client’s emotional stake in the outcome. Unrepresented clients often have difficulty remaining calm and sticking to the facts. The facts of a particular case are of more concern to the judge than emotions. Hired counsel can often give a more objective presentation to the judge that often leads to a more favorable outcome to the client.

For the reasons above, it is important to have an experienced Florida lawyer on your side. We at RKE Law Group have a knowledgeable and talented team of attorneys that will get the job done right, the first time.

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