The Importance of Finding an Experienced DUI Attorney in Shawnee, KS

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offense in Kansas. Any individuals arrested and charged with a DUI violation could face steep fines, jail time or the loss of their driving privileges. In addition, people convicted of DUI charges can end up with a tarnished reputations, making it difficult for them in professional and social settings. It is important that anyone facing criminal charges find an experienced DUI attorney in Shawnee, KS. A qualified professional will be able to help clients win their cases by carefully reviewing witness testimony and evidence for the case. A knowledgeable lawyer will understand the complexities of DUI cases and find the ways to represent their client as well as possible.

A DUI charge is prosecuted in a courtroom and a prosecutor must be able to prove without a reasonable doubt that the defendant was guilty of driving a vehicle while intoxicated. The prosecutor must either demonstrate that the defendant looked and appeared intoxicated or that the results of a chemical test demonstrated an illegal amount of alcohol in a driver’s system.

In cases where drivers feel they were wrongly charged with a DUI, a defense attorney can bring in strong witnesses to verify that the defendant was not intoxicated. The attorney could also have a professional testify about how unreliable chemical tests can be. In cases where the defendant had medications in their system at the time of their arrest, a lawyer could have a doctor explain how some prescriptions can have an intoxicating effect. As a result, the DUI attorney in Shawnee, KS can reveal that his client was not aware of the effects of his medication before getting behind the wheel of an automobile. The lawyer could try to reduce the sentence for defendants who made mistakes or used poor judgment.

Individuals facing DUI charges in Kansas must find a responsible and dedicated DUI attorney from Gilby and Haynes Law Firm, LLP to represent them. It is imperative that defendants get a great DUI defense so that their futures are not tarnished. In order for defendants to defend themselves they must hire an attorney who could help make decisions regarding their cases.

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