Can Notaries Prepare Legal Documents

Generally speaking, notaries in Lancaster, PA are not in a position to offer any type of legal advice or to prepare legal documents. If they do, this is considered an unlicensed practice of law and is considered a crime. In order to fully understand the services of a notary, use the information highlighted here.

What Exactly is a Notary?

A notary public is an officer that is appointed and then commissioned by the Governor and whose primary function is to provide limited duties that are outlined by the law. Some of these duties include administration of oaths, certify photocopies of specific documents and take acknowledgments of deeds, among other tasks. The basic duties of notaries is to provide an impartial state agent and serve as a witness for signatures and notarial writings. This means that unless the notary is considered a civil law notary or a notary at law, they are not authorized to prepare any type of legal documents or to provide any type of legal advice.

Can You Become a Notary?

If you have decided to obtain your notary commission and want to open your own office to offer limited legal services to the general public but you are not a licensed lawyer, you may wonder about the services that you can actually offer. Also, do you have any idea who is responsible for regulating this business? Prior to engaging in this type of business, you should be sure that you have the answers to these important questions.

Services Offered by Notaries

A notaries services are needed for a variety of purposes, which is why you can usually find a person with this role in schools, medical facilities and government offices. Their role is crucial for the day to day running of a number of offices and industries. Other situations where the services of a notary may be required is if you are facing bankruptcy or handling immigration issues. However, this is not in the capacity of offering legal advice, but rather handling authentication of documents and other types of services.

As a public office, notaries are held to a higher standard than other people, since they are in a position of trust. If this trust is violated and the public is harmed in any way, then they may face significant penalties. Understanding the services that are allowed, and not allowed, by a notary will help you know when you are in need of their services.

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