Why You Require the Services of a Bankruptcy Lawyer when Filing Chapter 7

Are you receiving endless calls from debt collectors demanding their money? Perhaps, you are facing wage garnishments to repay a debt that can place you further in a financial bind. If so a solution is available when you consult with Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in St. Petersburg area, FL. Chapter 7 is often referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy where a trustee is appointed by the court to manage your case. During the process, the trustee will acquire your assets to liquidate them and dispense the money to any creditors that have filed a claim that you have a debt with them. The services of an attorney are vital to help protect your rights and ensure you receive a reasonable outcome that benefits you financially.

Advantages of Retaining an Attorney

While it is possible to file for bankruptcy on your own, you are taking a high risk for handling the process on yourself. Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in St. Petersburg FL have extensive knowledge of the laws that pertain to bankruptcy. They know what exemptions are available that will allow you to keep all if not a portion of your assets. Attorneys ensure the right documentation is filed on time to prevent a mistake from being made that can jeopardize your ability to have your bankruptcy petition approved. In addition, they will represent you when meeting with the trustee to make sure you fully understand the proceedings of your bankruptcy.

Recover from Financial Hardship with a Trusted Law Firm

If you are tired of struggling with debt and want to find a solution today, you should contact the Law Offices of Robert M. Geller. They offer the experienced attorneys you require to understand how bankruptcy works and what options are available to you. You can start your road to financial freedom by scheduling a consultation with their law office.