A Personal Injury Lawyer in Tulsa can Increase the Credibility of Your Claim

When you file a personal injury suit, the defense is given access to your personal information in order to determine the legitimacy of your claim. The defendant’s attorney will look at your medical history, and before they can do so, you’ll need to provide a signed authorization. Here, you’ll learn what kind of information the defense’s legal team is allowed to gather.

What Attorneys Look For

When gathering information in the discovery phase, the defendant’s legal team will look for things such as previous injuries to the area affected by the accident. Your comments to doctors are all written down, and the other side will read them. The number of treatments you received, and the number of canceled appointments will be considered. All of the above information will be examined and compared to your testimony during the deposition and trial phases. If your testimony doesn’t match your records, the defense will make a point to the jury and judge.

Your Work History is Important

The other side will also look for records of your past earnings. If you were out of work due to the injury and claim that you suffered economically because of it, the defense will look through employer records to verify your claim. A Personal Injury Lawyer working for the defense will also want to see your work history, and they will look for evidence such as past injuries and prolonged absences from work.

The defense will also get to see your tax returns and Social Security record to obtain more information on your work history. If you claim that you can’t work and that you earned $75,000 per year, the records will either support or refute your claim. Your personal injury lawyer in Tulsa area can help you gather records in such a way that can boost the credibility of your claim.

Because the defendant and their attorneys are allowed to obtain so much information on you, it is very important that you completely disclose your medical and earnings histories to your Personal Injury Lawyer in Tulsa. If he or she finds a problem early on, you can handle it as a team, avoiding unpleasant surprises at trial.

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