A Visitation Agreement Lawyer in Commack, NY Helps With Virtual Visitation Requests

Under today’s child visitation laws, virtual visitation is changing the methods by which parents and children communicate. As implied by the name, virtual visitation uses technology such as video conferencing, email, IM and phones to fulfill the terms of a custody or visitation order. Requests are typically made by non-custodial parents and a visitation agreement lawyer in Commack, NY and they may also apply to new cases.

Laws On Virtual Visitation

These laws sometimes called “electronic visitation” or “Internet visitation” laws, are a relatively new phenomenon. Several jurisdictions have laws that allow courts to order virtual visits, and it can be an option even in jurisdictions without such laws. These laws are meant as a supplement to, not a replacement for, traditional visitation. They require parents to encourage and allow virtual visits, make the child reasonably available, and allow free, uncensored communication between the child and the other parent.

Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to virtual visits. Because most divorced parents share custody of the children, these visits provide tremendous benefits to the child/parent relationship. Not only may a non-custodial parent enjoy greater involvement in the child’s life, but also both parent and child can enjoy personal growth. Some ways a virtual visit can benefit parents and children include:

* Reading bedtime stories
* Helping with schoolwork
* Seeing facial expressions that would otherwise go unseen
* Children showing awards and other accomplishments

While other types of communication can be beneficial in cases of absent parents, some believe that virtual visits can be seen as a replacement for traditional visitation. Some also believe that judges can be swayed by parents who want to move away in situations that otherwise would not warrant a custody relocation.

Laws on virtual visitation may change the legal landscape of child custody. These laws create new ways for parents and children to stay in touch, and they allow parents to become more involved even if they live far away. If a parent is considering virtual visits as part of a parenting plan or a divorce decree, they should visit us to talk to a divorce or visitation agreement lawyer in Commack, NY who can educate them on state law.

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