Behaviors to Avoid When Seeking Child Custody in Dayton OH

During a contentious divorce, custody issues may become a battlefield. Both parents may want full physical custody, or one parent may want that type of custody while the other wants to equally divide the time that the kids stay in each household. It’s essential to hire a lawyer who will put forth every effort to make sure the client obtains the best result for Child Custody in Dayton OH.

A law firm such as Albert & Krochmal helps clients understand behaviors they must avoid so they don’t sabotage their quest for custody. It’s helpful for the parent to imagine that a family court judge is watching them at all times, since this type of judge will eventually make the custody decision. When someone is unsure whether a certain action might harm the custody case, pretending the judge is monitoring the situation provides clarity.

For example, this person may be irritated at the aspect of putting social life on hold for the moment. Perhaps he or she is eager to begin dating, or has already started a new romantic relationship. However, a judge may not think that dating is in the best interests of the kids, who may be going through some emotional turmoil because of the divorce. Getting involved with a new romantic partner before custody issues have been resolved is one way to sabotage the case.

Drowning sorrows in alcohol is another bad idea. It’s even a worse idea to do so when the kids are there for an overnight visit, even if the parent waits until they are in bed. Children are observant. Even if they don’t actually see the parent drinking, they may see the aftereffects the next day, or they may notice the pile of bottles in the recycling bin. They may mention this to the other parent out of concern. Once again, if a family court judge wouldn’t approve of the behavior, it’s best to refrain.

When seeking Child Custody in Dayton OH, an individual must learn about the types of behavior that can harm their case, and then avoid those actions. This is the time to be a model citizen and parent, even if it means putting other goals on hold for now.

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