Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Alton, IL Will Help Determine Liability

Throughout the area of Alton, there are places for bicyclists to ride during spring, summer and fall. Many of these bike trails overlap with Alton’s roadways at some point, leading to spaces where drivers and cyclists must share the road. This sharing increases the potential for devastating accidents, but cyclists aren’t always free of blame in the event of a collision. Read on to learn how cyclists may share responsibility.

Who’s Responsible When a Bicyclist Collides with a Car?

While truck and car drivers must be situationally aware, especially where roads and bike paths overlap, cyclists have a duty to follow the rules of the road, act prudently and be aware. So, who is responsible for a collision? The answer depends on the circumstances of the case, and in some instances, both parties are responsible.

Determining Negligence and Fault in Bicycle/Car Accidents

In personal injury cases, negligence is the primary principle applied in the determination of fault and liability. When a bicycle/car collision occurs, the facts of the case must be evaluated to determine which party was negligent, so fault is fairly apportioned. Essentially, if one party acted in a careless way, they will be held responsible and will be liable to compensate the other party. If both parties are found negligent, the plaintiff’s recovery may be reduced. Bicycle accident attorneys in Alton, IL can provide state-specific information on fault and negligence.

Who Determines Fault?

If a victim decides to take their injury case to court, the judge and jury will determine liability for the accident. Therefore, it is crucial to have an experienced lawyer who can protect the victim’s rights and get them the highest possible settlement. Bicycle accident attorneys in Alton, IL will prepare cases and present facts in ways that will persuade the judge or jury that the other party was negligent.

Injured in a Car/Bicycle Accident? Lawyers Can Help

If a person is injured in a car/bicycle collision caused by another person’s negligent behavior, it’s crucial to contact a bicycle accident lawyer as quickly as possible. Even if fault is uncertain, an attorney will evaluate the case’s facts and advise the client of their rights. Visit for more details or call the firm today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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