Were You Bitten by a Dog? Get Help from Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Tucson

Not all dog owners are responsible caretakers. Some allow their dog to run loose or keep an aggressive dog, presenting a serious danger to humans. Personal injury attorneys in Tucson have talked to many people who have suffered disfiguring injuries and been traumatized by dog attacks.

You Have a one in 68 Chance of Being Bitten by a Dog

Children are especially at risk. Innocent actions can trigger an attack. A child’s small size can cause a dog to treat them as prey. Many children are bitten in homes, both their own and others. Teaching a child to be wary of strange dogs is common sense.

  • Every year, 4.7 million people are attacked by dogs
  • 800,000 people will need medical treatment
  • 400,000 of those needing emergency medical care are children

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Certain large breeds are responsible for far more than their share of serious bites. However, all dogs can bite if they feel threatened or scared. A dog can attack if it perceives danger to their owners, the property, themselves or their puppies. A poorly trained or untrained dog can attack simply because they were startled. Many people have been bitten with no apparent provocation.

Arizona Law Holds Dog Owners Responsible

Some states give dogs one “free bite,” but Arizona does not. The owner of the dog is responsible even if the dog had never bitten before or previously exhibited signs of aggressive behavior.

In Arizona, a dog bite victim must prove that:

  • The dog b ite caused the injury
  • They were in a public place, such as the street or park, or
  • They were lawfully in a private place, such as an invited guest, a police officer or postman

The Statute of Limitations

Don’t wait too long to talk to a dog bite attorney. Arizona law only gives a bite victim two years from the date of the bite to file a lawsuit. After that, the case will be thrown out.

If you or your loved one has been bitten by a dog, you have a legal right to seek compensation from the dog’s owner. At Price and Price Law, you’ll be represented by experienced personal injury attorneys in Tucson who will fight for the compensation you’re entitled to. At your convenience, an injury lawyer will visit your home or hospital room. Call for a free consultation.

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