Building A Case With A Defense Attorney In Hattiesburg, MS

In Mississippi, criminal laws are in place to maintain order and security of all residents. However, just because someone is accused of a crime doesn’t always mean they are guilty. For this reason, there are defenses used to protect the innocent. If you need a Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS today, you should schedule a consultation now.


A defense based on duress implies that another individual threatened the accused with bodily harm, if they didn’t commit the crime. This also includes coercion to commit fraud by a third party and there are threats related to their employment. To use this defense, the threats must be more severe than the crime that the accused committed.


This defense implies that the accused didn’t have any control over the circumstances that lead to the crime. Common defenses associated with this defense are an incapacitation of the accused at the time of the crime, a mental disability that prevented them from understanding the law, or that they were deluded. In these instances, the accused may be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before trial.


To establish self-defense, the attack on the victim by the accused cannot be more than was necessary to defend themselves. For instance, if they killed the victim, they must prove that they had no other choice and that otherwise they would have died as a result of the victim’s attack on them. If it is proven that the death could have been avoided, the accused cannot use a self-defense to avoid a conviction. Your Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS can devise a strategy for this defense.


In order for the accused to be charged with a crime, he or she must reach the age of criminal responsibility. Children who commit crimes are not held accountable due to the fact that they are not intellectually mature enough to understand their actions. However, juvenile crimes that involve teenagers are not eligible for this defense unless they are mentally incapable of understanding crime.

It is vital for the accused that their Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS define a clear defense for their criminal case. By making this distinction, it is more effective to prove innocence. If you need a legal counselor to defense you in a criminal case or if you need a Boat accident lawyer to help with a personal injury case, call and make an appointment with T. Miachel Reed.

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