Calling a Dog Bite Attorney in Waukee, IA to Deal with the Emotional Effects of a Bite Injury

When it comes to suffering the effects of a bite from a vicious dog, there are some injuries that take much longer to heal than physical injuries, if they heal at all. These would be the emotional injuries that are left behind long after the bite marks or puncture wounds have healed. These types of situations warrant a call to a dog bite attorney in Waukee, IA because they can be difficult to prove without experienced advice.

Pain and Suffering

Right after a dog bite has occurred, a person’s main focus is generally on healing and making sure the physical injuries are not exacerbated. They believe once the marks or wounds are gone, they can go back to live as it once was. However, many people are left with emotional trauma stemming from the incident, trauma that can include anxiety or even post-traumatic stress disorder. Many dog bite victims report feeling depressed for years after the attack.


Many things can suddenly change after becoming the victim of a dog bite. Scars left from the attack may never fully heal and can damage the self-esteem of those afflicted. There is also the fear of dogs that can suddenly develop. This fear can happen even in people who are dog owners themselves. The result can be having to get rid of their beloved pets because having them around induces too much stress and anxiety in the person. When things go this far, it is time to call a dog bite attorney in Waukee, IA.


When children are attacked by dogs, it can be even more devastating to their fragile psyches. Children are less apt to talk about the incident than adults are, and they carry a burden that can be very difficult for them to deal with emotionally. They may cry themselves to sleep at night or even act fearful at school. These are things no child should have to go through.

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