You Can Get Protection From Domestic Violence In Mankato MN

Domestic violence is a form of control that one individual has over another individual. It could include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Domestic violence has serious effects in a negative way for the victims.

Domestic violence can also affect an individual’s life if another individual has falsely accused them in order to gain an advantage in a divorce or a child custody disagreement. An attorney can represent individuals who are victims or who are accused of Domestic Violence in Mankato MN. A family law attorney understands how devastating these types of situations can be and will provide an individual with the legal knowledge and aggressive representation they need.

Criminal Or Civil

An individual does not have to be charged criminally in order for restrictions to be issued on the perpetrator. A victim can file in the family court to obtain a restraining order against an individual if the judge believes they have been subjected to domestic violence. A temporary order will be issued that could exclude the individual from a home, outline a child visitation schedule, and even establishes support.

If an individual is granted a temporary restraining order, the accused individual will be served with notice of final hearing. During the final hearing, the accused individual will be able to present their defense and a judge will either make the order permanent or dismiss the case. This hearing is very important and an attorney with experience in Domestic Violence in Mankato MN should be hired.

Defending Against A Domestic Violence Charge

In some cases, an individual will be criminally charged by the police and will need to appear in civil and criminal court. Aggressive representation of these types of charges is very important because they can affect an individual’s employment, limit their contact with the other party, and limit their access to their children. In certain situations, one partner will claim there was domestic violence in order to gain the upper hand in a divorce proceeding.

If you or your children have been the victim of domestic violence, it is important to obtain the protection you need from any further abuse. For more information, please visit

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