Cases Personal Injury Attorneys Handle, Hire in Chicago

You probably see ads for personal injury attorneys all of the time, but you might not know exactly what type of case falls under their expertise. In general, in Chicago, you would use a personal injury lawyer if you were injured in an accident that falls into the following categories:

Medical Malpractice

One type of personal injury case that a personal injury attorney might help with is a medical malpractice case. This occurs when a medical professional errs in their treatment of a patient, which causes harm. It might be something like giving the wrong medication or making a devastating mistake during surgery.

Physical Injury

Another type of case that a personal injury lawyer might take on is one involving physical injury. This includes disabilities, illnesses, and any type of bodily injury. Most cases involve bodily injury, and the attorney’s job is to prove that the injury was due to the negligence of another person.

Injury to Reputation

Another reason a personal injury lawyer might be used is if a person’s reputation or status in society is injured. This could have a negative impact on a person’s emotional status. Slander, which is verbal defamation, and libel, which is written defamation, are both included under this.

Financial Loss

Finally, these lawyers might handle cases involving financial loss, such as if someone lost wages or had to pay medical bills due to an illness or injury caused by someone else. Most often this is the case when permanent disabilities are present, but it can also be done in temporary cases.

If your injury or illness falls into any of these four categories, you should consider working with a personal injury lawyer.

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