Common Questions To Ask An Auto Accident Attorney In Lacey, WA

In Washington, auto accident claims may require more complex steps to complete. Select cases may go to arbitration or mediation to find an effective solution for all parties. However, the efforts aren’t always fruitful. An Auto Accident Attorney in Lacey WA could provide answers to commonly asked questions about more complex proceedings.

How Does An Alternative Dispute Resolution Work?

Essentially, the parties meet with a mediator or arbitrator in a private hearing. The victim of the accident, the defendant, and their attorneys review the expenses of the victim. The process could assist all parties in avoiding a trial and settle the matter out of court. The difference, however, between mediation and arbitration is that mediation is not a legally-binding solution. Arbitration is legally-binding, and the victim cannot change their mind about accepting the settlement.

Why is Fact Finding And Discovery Necessary?

The fact-finding and discovery process is necessary to ensure that nothing was overlooked in the accident investigation. The victim needs eyewitnesses that can substantiate their view of what happened. Any witness that comes forward with evidence showing that the victim was also at fault could derail the entire lawsuit. It is urgent for the attorney to learn all the facts before the case goes to trial.

What Happens if the Defendant Won’t Pay the Judgment?

In some cases, the defendant refuses to pay the judgment due to financial instability or a blatant act of defiance. If this happens, a further legal action is needed to collect the monetary award for the victim. Their attorney could utilize the discovery process to determine if a defendant is lying about their financial status. The court can also garnish up to twenty-five percent of the defendant’s wages to collect the funds. In more extreme cases, the court could assist the claimant in seizing a portion of the defendant’s assets.

In Washington, auto accident claims could require complexities that could become confusing for some victims. An attorney can guide the claimant through the proceedings and offer further clarity about the processes. Victims that need assistance can contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Lacey WA and schedule an appointment right now.

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