Every Day and Every Year Matters: Keeping Hold of Quality Evidence for a Child Custody Attorney in Hartford WI

A child support case is often won or lost depending on how prepared a client is. The greatest preparation anyone can make is starting early. They may not know the details of how they are going to document events. They may not have a good method, but they are at least taking action. That can be the best relevant factor. There is a common argument that permeates the other party when working a child custody case. They may see “that happened years ago.” For example, a father may have provided years of undocumented child support or care in his home.

What Happened “Years Ago?”

With a Child Custody Attorney in Hartford WI, the things that happen “years ago” really do matter. That is because the case will look at back child support since the child was born. It is often not a situation where the support begins at present. The reports and notes taken “years ago” may likely have an immediate effect on what is happening in the present.

Keep Everything in One Place

The documentation can get scattered very quickly. It may also incorporate all sorts of different pieces of evidence, and that can be hard to organize. The trick is to keep it in one location for easy reach.

Have a Variety of Evidence

A variety of evidence with a Child Custody Attorney in Hartford WI makes the case substantially stronger. Evidence in a case could theoretically be anything, but below are a few examples to bring to the table all sorts of documentation.

1. Recorded voicemails and printed transcripts
2. Receipts for purchases (for child clothes, day care, etc.)
3. Police reports
4. Witness reports
5. Personally written journals
6. Text messages
7. Handwritten letters
8. Work schedules

It may also be wise to physically back up all evidence. What happens if a voicemail is lost? It could be saved to Google Drive as an audio file. Even better, the transcript can be printed.

Reach out to a distinguished child support firm, such as Hetzel & Nelson LLC. The team’s website Hetzel-Nelson.com details who is involved with the agency and what can be done to bring that evidence to the court of law.

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