Finding a Disability Attorney in Muskegon, MI: Thing to Looks For

Applying for disability can be a complicated, confusing process. To make matters worse, the state of Michigan denies around 60% of all first-time disability applicants, while 70% are denied nationwide. Disability attorneys are there to cut through the confusion and help build successfully an appeal. To find a good disability attorney in Muskegon MI, clients should look at several factors.

First, make sure your disability attorney does not charge you before your appeal is accepted. The majority of attorneys will only charge if and when you have been accepted. Then, your payment usually comes out of the first disability check. Second, most disability attorneys offer a free consultation. Take advantage of this. Think of this stage as an interview for them. They use this time to gauge the likely success of your appeal. You can use this time to gauge their expertise, interest, and confidence in your case. Don’t ignore any red flags (or positives) during the free consultation.

Next, make sure your disability attorney is at your service, not the other way around. One of the advantages of a time-tested firm is that they can do a lot of the legwork for you. Rely on them to gather documents, confirm deadlines, and file paperwork. While documents like a birth certificate may ultimately be your responsibility, there is a lot disability attorneys can do to save you time. Finally, don’t just quit on your Disability Attorney if you are denied a second time. You are not always denied because of ineligibility. The Social Security Administration may require more documentation to substantiate your claims, such as a primary care physician’s account or a report from a certain medical specialist.

A Disability Attorney is an expert in making your case, but even they can’t always predict what the SSA will require on a case-by-case basis. The goal of most disability attorneys is to get you before a judge so that your claim can be heard by a single human being. The denial process, in this case, actually works to your advantage. The SSA and your attorney make sure your disability ducks are in a row and that your claim is as strong as possible on appeal. When looking for Disability Attorneys in in Muskegon MI, keep these things in mind, and you will have the best possible chance for a successful claim.

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