Getting Help From A Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney

Many people of all ages, genders and in all types of workplaces experience some form of harassment. One of the most common types of harassments that can be experienced by anyone is sexual harassment.

Under state laws in California as well as through federal laws, individuals that are experiencing this horrific type of behavior can be compensated with the help of a sexual harassment attorney.

Types of Sexual Harassment

One of the most common types of sexual harassment in a workplace is when an individual or a group are targeted within the workplace. This can be through the actions and words of co-workers, supervisors and/or upper management.

Examples of this type of hostile workplace can include threats, propositions, inappropriate language or behavior of a sexual or intimidating nature. This must rise to a level of pervasive or severe, and it can be something that is observed as well as if it is directed towards a specific individual.

The other type of activity can be more direct. This is the manager, supervisor or co-worker that demands specific activities, such as having sex, in return for something such as continued employment, a raise or even a promotion. In many workplaces, the individual that is using harassment on the job will have more than one victim.

Getting Help

It is important to talk to a sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible. This will allow the attorney to gather information and to attempt to resolve the issue without having to go through the court system.

A top sexual harassment attorney will often be able to come to a negotiated or mediated settlement that is in the best interests of the client. Businesses typically want to resolve these issues out of court to avoid negative publicity in Los Angeles and across the state and country.

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