The Goals of a Drug Defense Attorney in Gonzales LA

Drug charges range from misdemeanors with fines for the penalties to serious felonies that include a significant amount of jail time. Those who are arrested and charged with any type of drug crime are going to want to ensure they speak with a Drug Defense Attorney in Gonzales LA about their case. The goals of the attorney will include the following.

Avoid a Conviction Where Possible

Even if a person is caught by the police with drugs on them, it doesn’t mean they’ll be found guilty in court. There are a large number of defenses lawyers can use to help their clients avoid a conviction. For instance, if the person was driving and the officer who stopped them did not have permission to search the vehicle or probable cause, then anything that results from the search may not be used in court. This means there may not be enough evidence for a conviction, so the charges will be dismissed.

Minimize the Sentence If Possible

If there is sufficient evidence and the person is convicted, there is typically a sentencing guideline to be followed to determine the person’s sentence. The lawyer will try to persuade the judge to apply the minimum sentence. In some cases, the lawyer may persuade the judge to apply an alternative sentence, such as rehabilitation, instead of jail time and fines. This enables their client to receive help for a substance abuse issue instead of spending time in jail.

Reduce the Impact on the Person’s Future

When possible, the lawyer will work to reduce the impact the conviction will have on the person’s future. This might be done by helping them obtain a plea deal for a lesser crime that won’t have as much of an impact or by trying to reduce the sentence, so the person won’t lose their job because of time spent in jail.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with any drug crime, including a misdemeanor, make sure you contact a Drug Defense Attorney in Gonzales LA right away. A conviction could have a serious impact on your life so you will want to see if this can be avoided. Get professional legal help now to minimize the impact this charge will have on your life.

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