Handle Your Claim the Right Way with A Social Security Disability Attorney in Fort Worth TX

The Social Security Administration is a very large bureaucracy that handles claims in a very impersonal matter. When you first apply for social security disability, your claim will be handled by a person employed by the agency as an examiner. These examiners see hundreds of claims per day and rarely approve any of them right off. In fact, as many as 65 percent of claims are denied at this level. Many people who apply receive their initial response of denial and decide not to take action further. However, this is the last thing that you want to do because the odds to get much better as you go further into the process.


After an initial denial of your claim, it is important to go ahead and seek the services of a social security disability attorney in Fort Worth TX. This person deals with the agency on a daily basis and knows just what it will take to help you get the benefits that you deserve because of your illness or injury. The attorney will then work with you to appeal the examiner’s decision and request a hearing. It can take a long while to finally get a scheduled hearing from the administration, but you must keep in mind that every year, there are thousands of new people ho apply for benefits, get denied, and then want a hearing before a judge. During the time that you are waiting for a hearing, consult with your attorney frequently and follow their advice as closely as possible.

While not everyone will be approved for their disability once they have had a hearing, approval rates are much higher. In the event that you are still denied after a hearing, there are further steps that can be taken. Your social security disability attorney in Fort Worth TX will help you file another appeal with the decision. Your rejection of the decision will then go to an appeals council who will look over all of the information in your case and decide whether you deserve another hearing. At this level of the process, most people do eventually get their disability as long as they enlist the help of a good attorney. Therefore, be sure to hang in there no matter how long it takes and frequently speak with the attorney who is handling your claim.

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