Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Warrenton, VA

When a business owner is informed someone who had been in their building had sustained an injury from falling, there will be a need to contact a personal injury lawyer in Warrenton VA to look into the matter. If there is a reason to suspect the person is falsely accusing the business for poor upkeep of their floors, fighting the injury claims will be necessary. Here are some steps a business owner can take to try to prove an injury claim is not true.

Find Out Who Witnessed the Fall

It is important to find out if there were any witnesses to the proposed fall. Someone may have seen suspicious actions by the person who pretended to fall. They may be seen on surveillance video looking around inside of the building looking for the best place to commit their act of fraud. People inside of the establishment may also have heard the person talking about falling on purpose.

Prove If the Floor Was Given Maintenance

Providing information about the upkeep of the floors will be necessary to show there was no reason for someone to fall in the area where the incident had happened. Logs by a maintenance worker, a list of the different cleaning agents used on the floor, as well as photographic evidence can be provided to an attorney to help in building a case to show the accident was not the fault of the business owner.

Get Help from an Attorney to Prove the Injury Was Faked

A personal injury lawyer in Warrenton, VA will be able to help the business owner prove the floor was cared for properly. They can hire a private investigator to follow the person who pretended to fall to show they are not as hurt as they claim to be. The attorney will also track down any witnesses who may have been inside the establishment so they can make statements in what they had seen to a court of law if needed.

When there is a need to retain a personal injury lawyer in Warrenton, VA, finding one with experience in false claims is necessary. Contact Gayheart & Willis today to schedule a consultation.

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