How a Child Support Attorney in Northfield, NJ Identifies Payment Projections.

In New Jersey, the court assigns a value for child support payments and it requires the non-custodial parent to remit these payments each month. Any parent who doesn’t provide timely payments could face criminal penalties; however, a child support attorney in Northfield, NJ helps custodial parents recover overdue payments.

Identify the Total Parenting Time

The court in New Jersey assigns shared or sole custody and defines the parenting time, which equates to the total number of overnight visits with the child. The court also assigns a percentage for the parenting time, which minus 100 is the percentage of time spent with the custodial parent.

Calculate the Total Income of the Non-Custodial Parent

Wages, stock dividends, savings interest, and rental property profits make up the total income. The non-custodial parent reports any benefits from worker’s compensation or unemployment. The court requires gambling winnings, tax credits, rebates, and any extra cash payment records, and it also requires the same records for the custodial parent.

The parent with the greater income provides more financial support in shared custody arrangements, but the non-custodial parent pays more in a sole custody arrangement. This payment equates to the custodial parent’s parenting time percentage. A child support attorney in Northfield, NJ helps identify a projected monthly payment.

Is the Non-Custodial Parent Receiving Another Form of Support?

Child support or alimony payments from a previous marriage affects the new orders. The extra payments are a part of the parent’s income and the court adds this value to the parent’s total income.

How Many Children Were Produced from this Marriage?

Child support payments support all children produced during the marriage. The initial value identified is for one child. The court multiplies the value by the number of children, which identifies the full child support payment.

In child custody cases, the custody type determines the value of child support, and the total parenting time determines the value of support offered in each parent’s home. The support payment reflects the part of in-home support owed to the custodial parent. Parents can contact a child support attorney like Michael T. Wolf Esq in Northfield, NJ for help.

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