If You’ve Been Charged With A White Collar Crime, Hire The Best Criminal Attorney In Minneapolis MN

White collar crime ranges from someone who steals a small amount of money from their employer to Bernie Madoff, who stole an estimated $65 billion from his clients. While white collar crimes do not involve committing violence upon a person, no other type of crime comes close to the economic impact of white collar crime. Of course, most people charged with a white collar crime are not accused of stealing millions, let alone billions.

Who is the average white collar criminal? The most common offender would be a middle-aged man working in the accounting department. While women do, of course, commit fraud, men are charged with this crime twice as often. While people younger than 50 can, and do, steal large sums of money, older people are generally more senior in the company and have the access needed to commit the crime. The average loss charged to a person over 50 was about $500,000.

Most white collar criminals work alone. However, when two or more people were involved, the amount stolen was more than four times greater. These are not uneducated people; most of those accused of fraud or similar crimes have attended college.

The most important question to ask is why someone would choose to take the risks and commit such a serious crime. These are not typically people who have a long criminal record. In fact, many people charged with a white collar crime had never been arrested before. There are two behaviors that stand out when profiling this type of crime. Some people simply want to live beyond their means; little sympathy is given to this type of person by the justice system. Others find themselves in such financial difficulties that they feel compelled to steal. While this will not mitigate their responsibility for their actions, it is easier to understand.

Anyone who has been charged with a white collar crime needs to take it very seriously. The defendant may be charged with state or federal crimes and needs the most experienced Criminal Attorney in Minneapolis MN by their side. Brandt Criminal Defense of Minneapolis MN is a law firm with over 30 years of combined experience at providing a vigorous legal defense for their clients. Visit the Website to schedule a consultation with this skilled and dedicated Criminal Attorney in Minneapolis MN.



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