If You’ve Been Hurt In A Semi Accident In Terre Haute, IN, Get The Compensation You Deserve

Everyone knows what happens when a passenger car and a large truck crash. It never goes well for the car’s driver and passengers. It’s truly a case of a pit bull tangling with a chihuahua. The results are never pleasant.

Truckers are generally professional, responsible drivers who obey the law. However, these people are also stressed, spending long days behind the wheel. In the U.S., a large truck is considered to be a vehicle weighing over 10,000 pounds. A fully loaded semi will weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Compare that to a car’s weight of about 4,000 pounds.

In 2012, 333,000 trucks were involved in traffic crashes, where almost 4,000 people died. Only about 700 of these fatalities were occupants of the trucks. In the same year, 104,000 people were injured in crashes involving trucks. Once again, 3 out of every 4 of the injured people were either occupants of the car, in another car or a bystander.

The top three causes of truck accidents are:

*    Over-tired truck drivers. In order to keep to tight schedules, drivers may feel compelled to drive longer hours than allowed by law. Some drivers may also take pills in an attempt to remain alert. When driving requires 100% of the driver’s attention for 100% of the time, it’s a little surprising that there aren’t even more accidents.

*   Maintenance, or the lack of maintenance, is responsible for many accidents. Bad brakes and worn-out tires are often to blame. When the truck has to be sent back out onto the road, shortcuts are taken.

*   A distracted driver is the third primary cause of accidents. Drivers might be eating, talking on the phone or trying to change the station on the radio. Driving is stressful and boring at the same time, and the more hours a driver spends on the road, the easier it is to become distracted.

When someone is injured by a truck, there may be multiple causes of the accident. This means that there will be a team of lawyer representing insurance companies in an attempt to pay as little compensation as possible to injured people. If you have been hurt in a Semi Accident in Terre Haute IN, talk to an attorney experienced in this type of case. McGlone Law handles many cases involving a Semi Accident in Terre Haute IN. Call them or click here to discuss the best way to get the compensation due you.

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