Injured by a Distracted Driver? Hire an Accident Lawyer in Carrolton, GA

Being hurt in a car accident can destroy the quality of a person’s life without warning. In just a few seconds a negligent driver can run a stop sign and badly injure another driver. As soon as possible, the injured person should contact an Accident Lawyer in Carrollton GA. They should never discuss the matter with an insurance company adjuster unless they have legal representation. If the insurance company believes they have a valid personal injury claim for damages, they will make a very low offer. While $50,000 may look like a lot of money, the injured person may later find out that their claim would have been for twenty times that amount. If they sign the offer agreement, they will never be able to sue for more money.

An insurance company representative may even visit the injured person in the hospital to ask them to sign a waiver giving the insurance company permission to view their medical records. The insurance company representative will make it sound like they are just reviewing the records that pertain to the accident and that this will make the claim process smoother. In reality, the insurance company will receive permission to review the person’s entire medical history. They will scour this looking for any reason to deny the claim. If the person played college football and sustained several concussions. They may claim that he suffered from brain damage that contributed to the accident.

An Accident Lawyer in Carrollton GA knows how to review police reports and interview eyewitnesses to show that his client did everything possible to avoid the accident. He will work with the injured person’s doctors to document how the crash caused the traumatic brain and back injury. He will interview occupational therapists who will explain why the person will never be able to return to work. He will then file a claim for damages that will ensure the person is fully-compensated for medical expenses and lost income. In addition he will seek damages for emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

Injured people who need this type of assistance can Visit Daniel M. Barnes at his law office or call his 24-hour hotline for help.

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