What You Should Know about Products Liability Attorney in Clinton Township, MI

When a company makes a product and sends it out to the marketplace for sales, it should be made certain that the product is safe and ready for public use. Usually, this is what happens because the company will put its product through inspection to ensure it is ready for the stores. However, some defective product escapes and falls into the hands of some unfortunate consumer. When that happens, the consumer may want to sue. A products liability attorney in Clinton Township MI represents clients who have fallen victim to products that did not measure up. Here is information clients should know about products liability issues in Michigan.

Many cases have arisen due to product liability, for example, an airbag that doesn’t deploy properly, or one that is too explosive. Another example of a product liability might be food poisoning. Product liability cases fall under tort law, which means that a personal injury has occurred. Under such cases, the injured party had better become aware of the statute of limitations involved in pursuing the lawsuit. If the injured party fails to file the lawsuit within this time frame, any opportunity to have the case heard will be gone.

There are three types of defects that might result in product liability: design defects, marketing defects and manufacturing defects. The design defect comes about because of something in the origin of the product, even before it was manufactured. The marketing defect occurs because of the way the product was presented on the market, for example, improper labeling. Manufacturing defects come about during the actual making of the product. In any case, these all lead to an injury or illness to the injured person.

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