How Lawyers Help the Common Man

Lawyers are often held up as a net negative to society. Everyone has heard a lawyer joke at one time or another, and lawyers seem to be easy to make fun of. This doesn’t seem fair, considering lawyers’ place in society. Despite the existence of some opportunistic lawyers, the legal profession on a whole is integral to a modern society’s proper function, and indeed, can sometimes be the only recourse available for the average person when they are in a plight. Lawyers serve a wide variety of purposes, most of them generally positive for our culture as a whole.

Criminal Representation

It’s simple to look at a lawyer defending some despicable criminal and think that that lawyer is profiting off immorality and lawbreaking. In truth, this primary function of the legal profession is one of the main things that separates democracy from tyranny. No matter what crime a person is accused of, no one should be punished without proper representation. This was so important that the Founders enshrined it in the American Constitution, because without the requirement of trial and adequate representation, a government could just imprison any person who was inconvenient to them. Furthermore, no matter how horrible the crime, you can never know for sure whether the accused really is guilty. Defending a murderer might seem opportunistic, but if you ever are accused of something terrible that you didn’t do, you will want proper representation to prove that you are innocent.

Harm Mitigation

Without lawyers, there would be much less of a safeguard on the harm one member of society can do to another. Whether it be through a car accident, faulty construction or any of a thousand different forms of negligence, getting hurt because of the actions someone else took can be devastating. If lawyers weren’t able to bring lawsuits in such situations, anyone who was seriously injured through no fault of their own could easily have their lives ruined by the resulting inability to work, or even just the sheer weight of medical bills.

Business Law

Corporations are extremely good at making money, and one of the ways they are able to do that is by exploiting their employees and customers. Lawyers in the business realm exist to make sure that all parties involved are acting in an ethical way. Whether it be through advising a layperson about a contract they are going to sign, or bringing a class-action lawsuit against a company that has harmed a whole community, without lawyers, corporate America would have unfettered access to profits through whatever means they deemed appropriate.

Lawyers are a fundamental part of making modern society function as well as it does. Therefore, you should never feel bad about securing the services of a lawyer. Most of the bad press given to things like lawsuits come from larger corporations, who would benefit if everyday people chose never to sue. At CDS legal, you can find a variety of different legal services to help you navigate the modern world. For more information, visit Complete Discovery Source.

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