How Medical Malpractice Cases Are Managed by a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tucson, AZ

In Arizona, medical malpractice cases relate to failures of doctors to provide a high standard of care. As outlined in federal laws, all doctors must provide the highest standard of care possible for all patients. They cannot discriminate against patients for any reason including a lack of adequate insurance coverage. A personal injury lawyer in Tucson, AZ represents patients that were wronged by their doctors.

How the Patient Was Injured

The first task is identifying how the patient was injured. Since these cases encompass a variety of circumstances, the patient’s injury doesn’t mean a literal injury always. Surgical procedures are a common source of patient-related injuries. However, failure to provide an earlier diagnosis could constitute as an injury if the patient has cancer that could’ve been discovered at a treatable stage.

What Were the Results of the Error or Injury?

The result of the error or injury is a key component in a medical malpractice. For example, a surgical injury could be corrected by additional care. Failure to diagnose a condition quickly could be remedied by providing more advanced treatment. If the condition is irreversible, the patient’s claim will identify a permanent loss in most cases.

Identifying All Losses

The award provided to the patient if the lawsuit is successful is based on the patient’s losses. These losses encompass financial losses as well as the loss of a limb or organ function. The total losses will include a settlement for physical or mental losses as well as lost wages, medical expenses, and legal fees.

Mediation and Settlements

Hospital boards often schedule mediation to avoid a trial. These efforts provide the patient and their attorney an opportunity to speak to the hospital and their legal representative. A settlement offer is extended during mediation. If these efforts aren’t successful, a trial date is scheduled.

In Arizona, medical malpractice cases are based on failures of doctors. These failures relate to surgical procedures, medication, medical devices, and inadequate testing equipment. The patient is within their rights to seek compensation after these failures. Patients who need to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Tucson, AZ can visit for more information now.

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