When You Need Dog Bite Attorneys in Angola, Indiana

As soon as you are bitten by a dog that is not your own, you need dog bite attorneys. The legal ramifications of a dog bite change depending on where you are. In certain jurisdictions, the dog is considered an extension of its owner, so if a dog bites you, it is as if the owner actually assaulted you.

In other situations, a dog is treated like a piece of property. That means that a dog bite would be treated similarly as an unsafe condition at a home or a business that led to your injury. The differences in these can be very serious, and the ramifications can be very important.

Where it Occurred

Where the dog bite occurred will determine if you need a personal injury attorney who specializes in dog bites or not. If it happened at someone’s home, you might be able to deal with this through normal legal channels without having to actually sue someone, though you should still call a firm such as the Thomas Law Firm in Angola, Indiana to make sure you are on solid legal ground and everything is done legally. However, if it occurs at a business, you need to take a different path.

Business Injuries

If you were bitten by a dog at a business, you definitely need dog bite attorneys in Angola, Indiana. Businesses have insurance liabilities, health and safety regulations, and much more that they’re supposed to account for. If a business is not protecting its customers or employees, you definitely need to work with dog bite attorneys to determine how best to move forward, so it is best to call an attorney as soon as a problem arises and to keep them abreast of all circumstances. You should be fully open and honest with your attorney to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

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