Outlining DUI Laws With Criminal Attorneys in Vermont

In the state of Vermont, all drivers must follow the DUI laws as directed. According to these laws, drivers who have a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.08 percent are guilty of a DUI unless special circumstances apply. These circumstances are defined by age or profession. Minors under the age of twenty-one and school bus drivers are guilty with a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.02 percent. Commercial drivers are guilty with a reading of 0.04 percent.

When Traffic Stops Are Warranted

All law enforcement maintains the right to perform routine traffic stops to identify drunk drivers. Under the implied consent laws, any driver who makes the conscious choice to drive after drinking gives their consent to testing willingly. A refusal to submit to testing usually results in a license suspension.

All officers have the right to stop any driver under suspicion of DUI. The most common reasons are reckless driving, erratic breaking, swerving, and failure to stay within their lane. Speeding or driving too slowly also gives officers the right to stop the driver.

What are the DUI Penalties?

The first DUI conviction produces a fine of no more than $1,500 and an eighteen-month license suspension. The driver may also face a jail sentence of up to two years and a surcharge of $160. Drivers facing this charge should contact criminal attorneys in Vermont right now.

The second DUI conviction requires the same misdemeanor penalties as the first conviction. However, the county requires the driver to install an ignition interlocking device into their vehicle for eighteen-months. They must also undergo alcohol or drug treatment. In severe cases, the vehicle is immobilized. The driver must also participate in 200 hours of community service as defined by the county.

Drivers who fail to comply with drunk-driving laws in Vermont are subject to criminal penalty. These laws are based on an implied consent ruling that allows officers to test drivers under suspicion. All drivers who are stopped are required to submit to testing or suffer criminal penalties. To discover more about these laws, contact us to hire criminal attorneys in Vermont today.

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