Why Parents Might Have Temporary Custody

At the point spouses decide to separate, a series of decisions has to be made. They must decide what to do with the marital home, vehicles, who gets spousal support, and who gets custody of the children. Sometimes these types of issues can take months to solve, so temporary custody orders are designed to ensure children are minimally affected by the changes in their family.

Should I Ask For Temporary Custody?

Requesting a temporary custody order essentially comes down to the best interest of the children. There can, of course, be numerous reasons to request one. Maybe you want to ensure your child’s financial stability, or their emotional support, or prevent the other parent from moving them to another state before it can all be finalized. Even though it is temporary, it can have an influence on the final outcome at a formal custody hearing. Determining custody may also need to be addressed separate from the divorce.

What If It’s Not Granted?

If you were not granted temporary custody, and you want to have full custody later, it is important to discuss your situation with custody lawyers in Harrisburg, PA. They will be able to help you prepare for the final hearing. While you wait, don’t fall behind in any court-ordered child support. Keep very good records of the visits you have with your children as well as any money you may spend on them. You will need to be able to prove to the court you can provide for the children financially as well as demonstrate the ability to provide a stable home environment for them. Much of this is easier to do if you already have temporary custody. Hearings can get complicated and that’s where custody lawyers in Harrisburg, PA can help with the various issues you may face.

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