Protecting the Well-Being of Family and Valued Assets with an Estates Attorney in Sullivan, Indiana

Families who care for one another never want to see their loved ones suffer or struggle in any way. Most wish for their valued possessions to be handed over to children or other close family members in death. Without a well stipulated official estate, there can be a lot of confusion as to who should get what. An estates attorney in Sullivan, Indiana helps people who wish to give certain individuals entitlement to assets and write a formal estate.

People who need a notarized estate that is coherent to legal literature should find a lawyer who specializes in this area. An estates attorney in Sullivan, Indiana will be able to assess the client’s plans for the estate to make sure everything is in abidance with the law. If any stipulation breaches any other area of law, attorneys at the Feavel Law Office help the client make revisions to the details. Small specifics of estate planning can make a big difference in how it’s utilized. For example, the custodial rights for a trust for children should be given to another trusted family member if the child’s parent passes while he or she is still underage. Many trust funds aren’t accessible to children until they are adults. The funds should be secured by an authorized party until then.

When planning an estate, possible changes in future health status should be considered. A Durable Power of Attorney for health care is an official legal document stating that another person is to make decisions for someone should the person ever become mentally incapacitated. This would happen if a loved one were to develop something like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The individual who is warranted the right to make decisions would choose how their health care is managed based on a selection of doctor recommendations.

If the testator of a will made some incompetent choices that are not in the best interest of the family, the will could be contested. Some reasons could be because a discreditable person exercised bad influences to help the testator make decisions. If a family member saw that a distrusted person persuaded the testator to set up a will in a certain way for personal gain, it can be contested in court. A probate lawyer helps clients gather information to prove the decisions were coerced and driven by an ulterior motive.

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