Reasons Hiring an Experienced Criminal Law Attorney is a Good Idea

Being arrested and put in jail can be a very frightening experience for most people. When going through this process many people are unfamiliar with the steps to follow. People are also generally unsure of what their rights really entail. Because of this, they may make bad decisions and give too much information to investigators. This information can often hurt them during a trial or in other situations. Because of this, it is wise for a person to contact a Criminal Law Attorney for help with the situation.

One of the first and primary things an experienced lawyer will be able to do is to make sure the accused person’s rights are well protected. Often, the lawyer will prevent the accused person from meeting with investigators for an interview. If it is permitted, the attorney will generally accompany his or her client. This can help in keeping the questioning within the boundaries of the law and will stop the accused person from offering too much information.

The lawyer will also understand the legal process to follow. He or she can help calm an accused person’s fears by informing them of what procedures will take place next and what most likely will occur. This can be a great relief to someone who has never been in jail or arrested before.

A Criminal Law Attorney will generally be on hand during the arraignment and/or bond hearing. Most people do not realize they can request a bond hearing to get a reduction in their bond amount. By having a lawyer present for this type of hearing, the likelihood of a reduction in the bond amount is much better than if the accused person appeared alone.

Once their client is out on bond, the lawyer can then begin work on assembling the defense case. This often can be a very involved process and may mean gathering a lot of paperwork and/or witness testimony to support the accused person’s version of the event that led to the arrest. By getting an early start, a lawyer will often be able to get the information needed to help their client achieve a favorable resolution to the situation.

Anyone who has been charged with a crime should hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring an experienced lawyer who handles criminal cases can be the right option. For more information, please contact Addair Thurston Chtd.

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