Reviewing DWI Law In Twin Falls, ID

In Idaho, DWI laws define the legal limit of intoxication. They also define further circumstances that could be applied to the case. The factors could relate to a higher blood-alcohol content reading or what happened as a result of the choice to drive. An attorney who practices in DWI Law in Twin Falls ID provides a legal defense for those who are facing these charges.

What is Implied Consent?

Implied consent is initiated as soon as the vehicle is in motion. If a driver chooses to drive while intoxicated, they are subject to this ruling. This means that if they are stopped the officer is within his or her rights to require a breathalyzer test.

Can Officers Stop Slow Drivers?

Yes, officers can stop slow drivers on the road. A failure to drive within ten miles per hour of the speed limit could present a risk of an auto accident. The officers can acquire probable cause and stop the driver under these conditions. Driving too slow is among the indicators that could imply that the driver is intoxicated.

What is the Look Back Period for DUI?

In the state of Idaho, the look back period for a DUI or DWI is ten years. If the driver has been convicted within this duration, the previous charge can be applied. This indicates that the driver is charged according to the total number of convictions they have in this time period.

Are There Enhancements for Charges?

Yes, there are enhancements that can be applied to these charges. The driver can face an aggravated DUI based on who is in the vehicle with them. They can also face the charge based on a blood-alcohol reading of at least 0.15 percent. These charges increase the penalty that applies.

In Idaho, DWI laws require all drivers to refrain from driving while intoxicated. If they are convicted, they could face penalties that include but are not limited to driver’s license suspensions and jail sentences. They could also acquire a prison sentence if their charges are enhanced. Individuals who are facing these charges can review DWI Law in Twin Falls ID or get the firm overview here today.

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