Reviewing Options with Slip and Fall Attorneys in Upper Marlboro, MD

In Maryland, slip and fall accidents could lead to a multitude of injuries. These accidents could produce sprained muscles, broken bones and even head trauma. These events are often caused by hazards that weren’t managed appropriately by the owner. Slip and fall attorneys in Upper Marlboro, MD provide legal counsel for victims of these kinds of accidents.

How Did the Victim Fall?

When starting the claim, the victim explains how they fell and sustained injuries. The most common events are chemical spills in retail stores or damaged parking lots. Construction areas also present a probability of a slip and fall injury.

Where Was the Hazard Located?

The location of the hazard determines who caused the victim’s injuries. Typically, if it is inside or just around the property’s perimeter, the owner is at fault for the injuries. However, if the owner didn’t cause the hazard and wasn’t aware of the condition, another party could be deemed responsible.

What Type of the Financial Loss Does the Victim Sustain?

The standard financial losses for the victims begin with all medical expenses resulting from the accident. Next, any wages they lost while they were recovering are added to the value. If the injuries lead to a permanent disability, more substantial awards are necessary. Any permanent conditions could generate excessive costs for the victim. The conditions could include the loss of bodily function, loss of limb or permanent disfigurement.

Who Is Liable for the Accident?

The defendant is determined through a complete assessment of the accident. Hazards around or in the property are almost always the fault of the property owner. However, if a construction site is near the property, the construction company could be deemed liable. Additionally, if an auto accident happens on the premises, the other driver could be responsible.

In Maryland, slip and fall accidents occur most often in retail stores and other commercial properties. However, the accidents could also happen on residential property in adverse weather conditions. An attorney provides assistance for victims who have sustained injuries due to a slip and fall accident. Victims who need to file a legal claim should contact slip and fall attorneys in Upper Marlboro, MD or check out now.

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