A Social Security Disability Attorney in Wisconsin Rapids, WI Can Get the Compensation You Need

If you have been denied for a disability claim, it is time for you to seek legal counsel. To get the compensation you need, you cannot give up on the claim. That is why talking to an attorney is vital to realizing a settlement.

Therefore, you need to contact a firm such as Duncan Disability Law S.C. A lawyer can review your claim to see how an adjustment can be made. Normally, when an appeal is requested, the Social Security Administration (SSA) office will send out the proper documents. This paperwork includes the appeal form, a medical release, and appeal report form.

Submitting a Reconsideration Appeal

When you work with a Social Security disability attorney in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, you can proceed with the process with greater ease. Not only is an attorney well versed on what is needed but he or she can offer advice that you may have not previously contemplated. Normally, the SSA allows 60 days, including an extra five days for mailing, to submit an appeal. However, the documentation should be submitted as soon as possible to reduce processing delays.

Following the Process, Step by Step

By obtaining assistance from a Social Security disability attorney, you are showing that you are serious about your appeal. In fact, anyone who is requesting a reconsideration appeal should be represented legally. The requirements and qualifications process for reconsideration is the same as the process at the point of initial application. Therefore, the results may be the same. However, this time, you will have a legal advocate on your side who can represent you if you have to request a hearing before a judge.

If you want to succeed in getting a denied claim reversed, you need to persist in the process. That is why the services of a Social Security disability attorney are important to your success. Never overlook the importance of using the services of an attorney. When you can work with legal counsel, you can better strategize how to obtain the compensation that you know you rightfully deserve. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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