Three Reasons Those in Debt Choose to Hire Loan Modification Lawyers in Hagerstown

Debt can quickly pile up and leave a person feeling hopeless, like there is no end in sight. In the past, it was easy to file for bankruptcy and have all debt completely wiped away. Many courts make filing for bankruptcy more complicated and, as a result, individuals in debt are hiring loan modification lawyers in Hagerstown. They can help a person get the relief they deserve when chapter 13 isn’t an option. Here are just a few of the many benefits of hiring an attorney to help navigate a debt modification proceeding.

Prevent Wage Garnishments

A wage garnishment can prevent a family from having the money they need to make ends meet, and can even threaten a person’s ability to remain employed. Loan modification lawyers in Hagerstown can work with creditors and file the necessary paperwork to stop the collection process and put and end or prevent the process of wage garnishments. This can give a family much-needed relief and the money they need to live.

Avoid Foreclosure Proceedings

One of the scariest things any family has to face is the idea of a foreclosure. Losing a home is never easy, and it can leave loved ones displaced, afraid, and without hope. A mortgage loan modification can give a family relief and may even help to lower monthly payments so the family can afford to keep their home without the threat of foreclosure.

Stop Repossessions

Loan modification lawyers in Hagerstown can stop a creditor from repossessing a vehicle, and may even be able to work with the finance company to have the interest rate or monthly payment amount reduced drastically. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, and may leave a family without the transportation they need to get to work and keep themselves afloat. Let a lawyer help by stopping repossession from occurring.

What may start as a small amount of debt can quickly grow and leave a family feeling like they are stuck and not able to make ends meet. The team at the Law Office of Laura Margulies can help by offering the knowledge and representation needed during loan modification proceedings. Visit and take the first step in getting freedom from a desperate financial situation.

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