Trying To Avoid Prison In Bucks County

Everyone has heard a television detective read a prisoner their Miranda rights. However, this does not mean that everyone has the right to remain silent. That’s why it is important to know the legal ramifications of making statements or not making them. In 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors can use an out-of-custody suspect’s silence as evidence of guilt. The only way for the suspect to get around the law is to say, “I invoke my right to remain silent.”

No one wants to go to Prison in Bucks County, or anywhere else. The average person does not know the law and cannot represent themselves. Hire an experienced criminal lawyer to protect your rights. In fact, the legal system is not designed for people who don’t have attorneys. For example, the prosecutor is powerful and has a lot of control. The prosecutor decides whether or not to file charges. Unfortunately, prosecutors may not want to negotiate with an unrepresented defendant. On the other hand, a lawyer can persuade the prosecutor to lower the charges or offer a lighter sentence. Frequently, lawyers know about special programs that may benefit the defendant. Many jurisdictions have drug courts that offer first-time offenders an opportunity for a clean record. The suspect attends mandatory drug counseling and afterwards the arrest is stricken from their record. Further, people who are charged with DUI get better treatment if they attend special driving schools.

A lawyer is also the one person who provides the defendant with insight on their case. The lawyer will not put the evidence in a favorable light, if it is not warranted. Lawyers know the facts of the case and can recommend whether a trial is best. Having an experienced lawyer means that a full legal team is working on one’s behalf. Lawyers use interns, researchers and investigators to thoroughly study every aspect of a case. Before trial, a lawyer will have talked to everyone on the prosecutor’s witness list. No one would say that Prison in Bucks County is an attractive option. Hire a knowledgeable lawyer and their years of experience give you a fighting chance.

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