What You Should Understand About Traffic Offense Law in Syracuse, NY

Any person who has been given a driver’s license in any given state has also been assumed to be responsible enough to understanding the laws and rules of the road. For example, if a person is going to operate a motor vehicle in the State of New York, they should understand what laws New York has about the highways. There is a law firm that represents those who have violated the road laws in Syracuse, New York. Here are things that clients need to comprehend about traffic offense law in Syracuse, NY.

Some Weird Traffic Laws That New York Observes

In most states, things are pretty standard about driving in traffic and on the highways, with only slight variations in the various states. However, in New York, things are a bit different and the unsuspecting driver may get caught up in violating a traffic law if they don’t pay close attention or understand New York’s specific traffic rules. Looking at what might be common in most states, the ability to turn right on a red light is not something a driver wants to do in New York. That is a direct violation, so wait until the light changes.

Other Unique New York Traffic Laws

Drivers in New York must also understand that at certain times of the day, they are not allowed to make left turns at all, so it is critical to be very observant of any signs stating such. Another law that New York has is that drivers must not be within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or a crosswalk. This matter is taken very seriously and the driver will want to get an attorney if he or she is found in violation of the traffic laws.

A Law Firm to Help When Charged with a Traffic Offense in Syracuse, New York

The Cardinale & Delvecchio Law Firm has been meeting the traffic law solutions of clients in the Syracuse, New York area for many years. In addition, clients can also get representation for uncontested divorces, personal injury cases and bankruptcy law. Anyone looking for help with understanding traffic offense law in Syracuse NY, can visit this law firm. For more information, check out Cardinaledelvecchiolaw.com.

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