Understanding the Laws That Govern Civil Litigation in Tyler TX

Before a person enters into civil litigation in Tyler, TX, it is imperative they gain as much knowledge as they possibly can. The more a person understands about the process, the better equipped they will be to make sound decisions in their case. With the following information, individuals will be able to understand the basics of the law so they can seek the help of a lawyer to help them pursue their civil matter in court.

Understanding the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested

Before understanding the steps involved in civil litigation, it is helpful if a person can understand the two different types. An uncontested claim means both parties agree on the outcome they desire for their case but they want the court involved to make it legally binding. When this scenario takes place, it typically means the judge will be needed to approve the agreement that was reached between the two parties.

A contested civil matter means the two parties cannot agree on the outcome of the civil matter. In a contested case, both parties argue their side and then a judge makes the final decision. In most contested cases, a person needs to hire a lawyer to represent them.

The Three Phases of Civil Litigation

There are three steps involved in a civil litigation process. The first thing a person needs to do is schedule a consultation with the lawyer. The lawyer will explain the following steps and will help their client through every step in the process.

  • The first phase is the research phase, which involves gathering details and evidence. This is important for ensuring there will be enough evidence to prove the side.
  • The filing process is the next stage in the process and must be carried out precisely to ensure there are no delays in the process. If the paperwork is not properly filed, there could be problems in further pursuing the matter in court.
  • The trial can be lengthy but a lawyer takes over every aspect of the process. The lawyer represents their client throughout the process and helps them to pursue a fair outcome.

Meeting with a lawyer for civil litigation in Tyler, TX is important. Contact the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. right away to schedule an appointment.

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