Visit a Disability Lawyer in Milton, MA.

Losing one’s sight can be life changing and, unfortunately, many people are no longer able to work. However, those people are entitled to apply for social security disability benefits available to applicants with low vision or who are partial, legally or completely blind. The Social Security Administration (SSA) approves benefits for people with extreme vision loss; people who can see out of one eye do not qualify, but those with a partial loss of vision who cannot work may qualify.

Applicants should visit a disability lawyer in Milton, MA, since it is always better to have one when dealing with SSA. The paperwork is very complicated and must be completed thoroughly, so contact the law offices of Graham N. Wright for assistance. SSA requires all applicants to be examined by an ophthalmologist to verify medical records. The vision test is completed without the assistance of eyeglasses and, if the agency suspects someone is faking results, they will request a special test in which the person undergoes a visual-evoked response test, which measures the brain’s response to visual images.

Those who automatically qualify for disability are applicants with total vision loss, which the disability lawyer in Milton, MA explains as seeing no light in both eyes. The standard for legal blindness is a vision of 20/200 or worse in one eye, but in order to qualify for benefits vision must be 20/200 in both eyes; however, people with partial vision loss and low peripheral vision may qualify. People in this category must see a vocational expert, who can test applicants to see if they can work their regular job or any other.

The agency also wants to know how poor vision affects other areas of an applicant’s life. Disability lawyers in Milton, MA help clients document changes like not being able to drive any longer, not being able to cook when you can’t see the stove, or having difficulty to shave and do other personal things. The SSA must consider all this relevant evidence, and one of the major benefits of having a lawyer is having them document how a disability changes you and your daily life. You can visit here to get more information.

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