What Are The Advantages Of Jail Bail Bonds In PG County?

Maryland defendants have access to services after their arrest. Unfortunately, many correctional officers fail to advise these inmates of their rights and the opportunities that are available. For this reason, individuals who may act as a representative for these defendants should learn about the advantages of Jail Bail Bonds PG County.

The Option to Pay a Smaller Value

The court assigns the bail value based on two primary factors. They include the infraction for which the defendant is charged and their previous criminal record. For a larger majority of defendants, this value exceeds their financial circumstances. For this reason, they should consider purchasing a bail bond.

The bail bond equates to approximately fifteen percent of the total bail assignment. To acquire the bail bond, the defendant’s representative pays this fee via cash, check, or credit. If they don’t, possess the funds to pay this value. They may use collateral. The bail bondsman provides a full list of possible collateral they could use for these purposes.

Immediate Release from County Lockup

A bail bondsman could help the defendant acquire immediate release from county lockup. The connections possessed by a local bail bondsman could help the defendant acquire their release even during the weekend in most cases. However, if a weekend release isn’t possible, the bondsman could take steps to ensure release early Monday morning.

Acquiring Information About the Defendant Without Major Delays

Representatives may face difficulties in acquiring vital information on their own. The basic requirements include the defendant’s name that appears on their driver’s license, the jail and its location, and their booking credentials, if available. Representatives must contact the jail or criminal court clerk to acquire this information. Bail bondsman could acquire all vital information quickly without any delays due to information system updates.

Maryland defendants have the options to choose a representative to acquire services for them. This individual could be their legal counsel or a family member. These individuals could acquire a bail bond once the arraignment process is complete. Defendants or representatives who need to acquire Jail Bail Bonds PG County should contact All Star Bail Bonds for more details about necessary requirements today.

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