What Drivers Should Know About a Car Accident in Fort Worth

In Texas, all drivers must comply with traffic and auto insurance laws. Failure to comply leads to potential penalties like fines, driver’s license suspensions, and possibly jail time. The outcome of an accident could lead to a lawsuit under certain conditions. A local attorney can explain everything that drivers need to know about a car accident in Fort Worth.

Auto Insurance Requirements

Currently, the state of Texas requires all drivers to have auto liability coverage and personal injury protection. The insurance must provide at least $30,000 for an accident when one party is injured. It will pay out $60,000 if there are multiple individuals injured in the same accident. The property damage coverage is $25,000. However, drivers could increase their coverage if they prefer.

DUI and Restitution

Drivers who are convicted of a DUI and cause an accident face higher penalties. By causing the accident, the drunk driver is liable for all injuries sustained. When the judge renders the driver’s sentence, restitution is awarded to the victims of the accident. If an accident victim died, the family receives restitution and has the right to file a lawsuit in the civil court.

How Do No-Fault Laws Apply?

No-fault auto accident laws apply strict restrictions after an accident happens. The insurance requirements for all drivers lower the potential for legal claims by paying a larger portion of the victim’s financial needs. The personal injury protection coverage pays for medical expenses and ongoing care.

What to Do After an Accident

All drivers who were involved in the accident must remain on the scene and contact law enforcement. All parties involved should exchange insurance information just in case. An accident report is available to all drivers through the law enforcement agency that investigated the scene. The report is required when a victim files a claim through their insurer.

In Texas, all drivers who fail to comply with traffic and auto insurance laws could face serious penalties. They are also at risk of becoming a defendant in a lawsuit. DUIs are serious offenses and could lead to lawsuits if the driver is convicted and caused an auto accident. Victims of a car accident in Fort Worth can visit Davidskohmattorney.com for more details now.

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