When They Need a Child Support Lawyer Dallas Parents Contact A Firm With a Proven Track Record

Child support is essential to ensuring that children of divorced parents don’t suffer because their parents’ marriage ended. Generally, child support is paid by the noncustodial parent to the parent who the children live with primarily. While the state has a formula for family courts to use to determine an appropriate amount of child support for each family, this formula does not take individual circumstances into consideration.

It is important for parents to look at child support as a way to give their children stability after the parents separate. The monetary support that one parent pays to the other is not a punishment but a way for the noncustodial parent to ensure that their children have everything they need when they can’t be there to give it to them. Child support pays for things like extracurricular activities, shoes when a child unexpectedly needs a new pair, gas to transport kids to sports or other events they take part in and just about anything else the kids may need.

Over time, the child support order may no longer reflect the needs of the children or the noncustodial parent’s ability to pay. When this happens, either parent may petition the court for a modification of their support order. A Child Support Lawyer Dallas parents trust can assist them with the request and represent them in court. The judge may require financial information showing that the order should be modified and may adjust the order on a temporary or permanent basis. Unless a child support order is modified, it remains in effect until the children are emancipated.

The child support you pay while your children are young will help them participate in the same activities as other kids in their peer group. Parents who make their child support payments on time throughout their children’s lives are likely to support them emotionally as well. Parental involvement, as well as cash contributions, is essential to raising well-adjusted children. When they choose the Lee Law Firm Dallas parents know they will get good representation for their family.