When to Call an Employment Attorney in Charleston, IL

Employment law applies to just about any kind of legal or civil claim that pertains to your employment. That could mean harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or personal injury. There are many different kinds of employment law for which you might need an attorney. If you have employment issues, you need to make sure that you have a good lawyer in your corner. Depending on your employer, you could face a very concerted resistance from your job. Your employer will likely have a legal department full of high-powered lawyers who will work for them. That can be very difficult to face unless you have lawyers of your own.


Harassment in your workplace can take several different forms. The most common forms are sexual harassment and harassment based on protected class status. Some statuses that are considered involve your disability status, religion, ethnicity, race, and anything else that cannot be altered. The cases can be challenging for an attorney in Charleston, IL; therefore, you need to call him or her as soon as you think that you have a case.

The Britton Law Offices, LLC can help you deal with harassment claims. They’re often difficult to determine because you have to prove that the protected status is the reason for being treated differently. Furthermore, you have to prove that the status either does not affect your ability to do your job or that reasonable accommodations have been denied.


Discrimination is often an aspect of harassment that will be part of the case that an attorney builds. For example, if you work in a business that requires some employees to lift heavy items but you’re not capable of lifting them, you have to prove that you told your employer before being hired. Also, you have to prove that you have been denied reasonable accommodations such as light duty, different tasks, or devices to help you lift items. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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