When to Contact an Accident Attorney in Tucson

Slip and fall accidents can range from minor bruising to a serious head injury. Car accidents can vary from a small fender bender to a deadly accident. No matter how a person is injured, if the injuries were caused by another person’s negligence or direct action, they should receive an adequate settlement to ensure all financial aspects of the accident are covered. For anything but the smallest of accidents, the person will want to contact an accident attorney in Tucson for advice.

If a person is able to walk away from the accident with minor bruises and no property damage, they may not need to speak with an accident attorney. For a slip and fall where the person isn’t injured, for example, an attorney won’t be needed since there are no damages. Also, minor car accidents and other accidents that result in a small amount of property damage may not require an attorney either. If the person is uninjured or suffered very minor injuries and the car is repairable, often the insurance company will handle the bills and the person won’t need help from an attorney.

When the person is seriously injured, or there is a serious amount of property damage, the person may want to speak with one of the Accident Attorneys in Tucson to find out whether they need to hire a lawyer. He or she can tell them what the chances are of obtaining compensation, how much they’ll be entitled to, and whether or not they should simply accept a settlement offer from the insurance company. If the insurance company doesn’t offer an adequate settlement or if the at-fault party isn’t covered by insurance, the attorney can help them obtain the compensation they’re entitled to.

Anytime a person is unsure of whether to work with the insurance company, walk away and resume responsibility for the expenses, or contact an attorney, they should go ahead and speak with an attorney to get advice. He or she can help them determine the right course of action for their circumstances and, often, this first meeting is free. If you’ve been injured because of another person’s negligence or direct action, contact one of the lawyers at Price and Price law office to get advice on how to handle your situation.

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