Why Hiring An Attorney Is The Best Option For Those Considering Filing For Bankruptcy in Indianapolis IN

If you’ve thought about filing bankruptcy, chances are that you’ve come across many books and websites that claim to be able to help you do it on your own. While filing a bankruptcy petition without the help of an attorney is possible, it isn’t usually the best option for debtors. Before you attempt to make your bankruptcy a do-it-yourself project, consider the following reasons why hiring an attorney may be best:

File The Right Petition

Many people believe that filing for Bankruptcy in Indianapolis IN is simply a matter of deciding which type of petition you would like to file and filling out the correct paperwork. In reality, consumers have to qualify to file either a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7 petition, and their income, assets, and debts will all be taken into consideration when their eligibility is determined. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney means that you’ll know which type of bankruptcy you’ll qualify for before you waste your time filling out a single form.

Save Yourself The Hassle

Being granted an automatic stay when you file for bankruptcy doesn’t mean that your work is over once you turn in your paperwork. You’ll still have to follow all instructions outlined by the court, and you may need to contact your creditors and negotiate payment plans with them. One of the best things about working with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is that they can take care of many of these things for you while you continue to live your life free of worries that you are missing deadlines or doing something wrong.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Bankruptcy in Indianapolis IN is designed to give consumers that ability to essentially start over when it comes to their finances. You may be able to do things like cram down tax liens or have additional mortgages stripped away, but only if you are aware of these types of solutions. Having a bankruptcy lawyer on your side means that you’ll always be informed of every opportunity that you have to improve your financial future, giving you the assurance that you’re doing everything possible to make things better.

Getting into financial trouble doesn’t mean that you have to stay there. The attorneys at The Wright Law Group are available to help you figure out a solution to your money problems. Contact them to find out what your options are for getting back on the bath to financial freedom today.



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