Why You Should Hire A Social Security Lawyer In Middletown, NY

New York residents can file for supplemental security income based on their ability to support themselves financially due to a disability that is either physical or mental. These conditions cause an impairment that prevents the individual from working altogether. To file for benefits, you should contact a Social Security Lawyer in Middletown NY today.

What is SSI?

Supplemental security income is a monthly benefit paid to individuals who are unable to work. This inability to work is not restricted to the job position in which he or she once worked. The disability must prevent them from working in any industry.

The Social Security Administration must will evaluate the disability to determine whether or not it is classified as a disability under their eligibility requirements. For instance, conditions such as blindness, deafness, and a life-threatening illness are immediately eligible. The first element of a disability that is eligible for SSI is that the condition will last longer than one year.

Income Requirements

To receive SSI, the applicant cannot possess more than $2,000 worth of assets in a given month. This includes cash on hand, funds in a savings account, or any properties beyond their primary residence. If the applicant is a minor child, he or she is subject to limitations based on the monthly income of their parents. If the applicant is married, the spouse’s income will affect the value of benefits he or she receives. The caseworker assigned to the applicant will make these adjustments, if he or she is approved for benefits.

The SSA requires the applicant to provide account numbers for all bank accounts that he or she possesses. Although they claim that they cannot check the balance on these accounts, they do. At anytime that these accounts reflect an increase in income outside of an income tax return which is not taxable, the caseworker can make adjustments in the value of benefits.

Residents in New York who wish to acquire SSI benefits should provide ample evidence of their conditions to avoid a denial. They should also provide information about their assets, including banking information to prevent a denial based on hidden assets. At any time that an applicant is denied benefits, he or she should contact mcgillicuddylawny.com a Social Security Lawyer in Middletown NY to file an appeal.

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