Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Southern Maryland Help Injured Workers Get Benefits

Anyone can be injured at work. It doesn’t matter whether they use heavy equipment or sit at a desk most of the day. When someone is hurt and cannot work, they should be able to depend on workers’ compensation to help them get treatment for their condition and also to get some of the income lost while they aren’t able to work. The workers’ compensation system is designed to be easy for employees to navigate on their own. They can file a claim online, but many times, claims are started by the treating physician at the hospital or urgent care center immediately following the incident.

Collecting on a Claim

Filing the claim may be easy, but collecting benefits may not be. Sometimes, employers or their insurance companies deny workers’ compensation claims, leaving an injured employee with no way to pay for accident-related medical expenses. They may need to return to work before they’re ready because they don’t have any income to pay ongoing bills. When an employee is seriously hurt and can’t get the company they work for to pay the claim, workers’ compensation lawyers in Southern Maryland may be able to help.

How a Lawyer Could Help

Workers’ compensation lawyers in Southern Maryland understand the complex workers’ compensation system and may be able to help their clients navigate it. There may be deadlines for filing paperwork and appeals may need to be submitted in order to dispute the denial. A lawyer may devote their time to handing these administrative matters while their client recovers from their injuries. Stress may make recovery slow, and by reducing the amount of stress an injured worker has to endure, an experienced lawyer may be able to help them get back to work faster.

Every injured worker won’t need an attorney to help them get benefits. Those who have had their claim denied can check out to learn how a lawyer may be able to help them get the benefits needed to recover from their injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance is there to help injured workers, not make their lives more difficult. Instead of fighting with an insurance company alone, frustrated workers may be able to get a lawyer to help.

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