You Can Take Steps to Stop Your Removal Proceedings

As an immigrant, you can be deported if it’s determined that you have broken the law. There is a procedure for how this can occur, and you can take steps to stop your removal proceedings. However, you don’t want to do this alone. You have the right to a lawyer to help you with these steps, and you’re going to want to exercise those rights by hiring a lawyer who can help you.

The first step of the process is when you receive a letter telling you there is a hearing for your deportation. This letter will include your name and country of origin. It will also tell you why you’re being deported and what may happen if you don’t attend the hearing. It will also explain that you can hire a lawyer to help you. This is a good time to find a lawyer who is familiar with deportation laws and has successfully helped many others avoid deportation.

Your attorney can take steps to stop your removal proceedings by using one of three methods. The first is asylum. This means that you will be allowed to stay in the United States because of persecution in the country you moved from. The persecution could be due to a variety of factors. Another method is through cancellation of your deportation. This can depend on a few things, but the most important are how long you have lived in the United States and whether or not you’ve been convicted of certain crimes. The third method is by changing your status. If you’re able to get a visa, you may be able to change your status and be allowed to stay in the United States.

Stopping your removal proceedings is a complicated procedure and there are specific laws that need to be followed for each of the three methods for stopping it. You’re going to want to hire a lawyer who is well versed in removal proceedings and who can help you stop them. If successful, you’ll be allowed to remain in the United States, provided that you continue to be an upstanding citizen. If you’ve received a letter stating you have a hearing coming up for your deportation, hire a lawyer immediately to get the help you need.

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